Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peach Jam

Finally got the peach jam done yesterday. Tastes nice too. I do need to get some more labels before I put them in the cupboard so I know whats what.

In other news, Mum and Dad's removalist truck is stuck in Toowoomba, or was as of yesterday afternoon, due to the horrific flooding in SE Queensland. I am hoping that the truck will arrive sometime today as the waters have receeded somewhat and if they are travelling through Goondiwindi-Moree way those areas are not affected by the current floods.

Ashford is STILL waiting for the Severn River to peak. It is major flooding as it is expected to peak at 8m and 6m is considered major flooding. Thankfully Mum and Dads house is at the other side of town to the river. As we left yesterday the SES were evacuating the caravan park. They are expecting the peak to occur at about 9am.


  1. Aunty Lisa!
    I found you :)
    Thought I would let you know... pretty much all of our jams/relishes are gone!!!
    Personal fave was the zuccini one, it went on everything! from ham sandwiches to poached chicken!
    Loved the onion one as well, put that in little tartlets, and also had it on hamburgers ( Oh lordy devine!!!)
    So i must order my next batch soon... ;)
    Love and hi to family!

  2. Lisa, i dont know how to send you an email on this thing and dont have your number??
    we recieved our engagement card from you and the family today, thank you so much! was a lovely suprise :) xxxx