Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can you Believe it?

Guess what? I haven't spent any money today. Not even for a loaf of bread. AND neither Dave or I have bought a coffee since Saturday and that is really good for us, Dave thinks the coffee shop will show a decided slump in profits! We have 6 days until payday, I wonder if we will have any leftover???

I am already mulling over my gift list! The hardest person to make for is my Dad and he is up next since I already have give Mae's present to Fiona for her. I just dont know what to do for him. Maybe a Scarf for winter gardenng? And a gift card for Mitre 10? Hmmm. Don't know. I think I will have to be doing more searching.

Finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver today. I love this book. In fact I always look for it in the second hand shop - one day I will get lucky! It's all about a familys committment to eating locally for a year. A lot they grew themselves. It is really interesting, funny and thoughtfully written.

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