Monday, January 24, 2011


In the hopes that honesty is the best policy I will recount today's spending.

I got the kids uniforms out of layby which I had budgeted for, and bitched about that was $143 ~ Ouch! and I spent $2 on a card for a birthday. Could I have made one? I don't think so. I did actually think of it but couldnt think of anything I had to make one up. I will need to put crafty stuff for that kind of thing in a drawer when I find it.

However I did NOT buy coffee. Not one before work or one at lunch. This saved me $3.70 for one or $7.40 for two and I am happy to report Dave didn't either even though he thought about it. I also didn't buy bread, its rising as I type. I did think of just going for a browse in Target at lunch as they are having up to 60% off at the moment but I restrained myself! On happier news still we only have two payments left on Wes's teeth. If I ever wanted to print my own money you've only got to become an orthodontist.

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