Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

I did some spending today. Some of it was bargains that I will actually use too! I found Wes a pair of sport shorts for $10 (rather than the nearly exact same ones at Premier for $29), 2 packtet of Christmas wrap for 25c each, So I have about 30m of that now. I bought some ham for lunch, a punnet of strawberries of the strawberry lady for $2, I got a bottle of shampoo and conditioner for $2 per bottle (which was on my grocery list for this week) and a bottle of rinse aid for $2 which the Finish brand goes for about $7-$8. I also noticed Crazy Clarks has deodarant for $2, even Lynx roll on!

I spent $1 on this tablecloth and 6 cloth placemats from a garage sale. I am planning to use both in sewing projects throughout the year. Can't tell you too much!

I finally cut out Amelia's second dress that I will , hopefully start to put together tommorrow.

Potatoes. The Desirees did really well but the Atlantic.. not so much. I started harvesting them as a couple of the Atlantics I pulled for dinner looked like they were going soft, so I took it for a sign. Got stacks of mulch for the rest of the garden now!

Dave cooking tea. We had meat with coleslaw, pineapple, cucumber, beetroot and new baby potatoes. Was delish.

Here is Wesley's desk sitting waiting for all that glorious homework that will be coming his way this year. How lucky is Wes? (He will say not that lucky at all! LOL!)
The other thing I spent money on was morning tea. That was $22 but since Dave and the Kids had been deprived of their usual treats I thought it money well spent to stop mutiny. Tomorrow is the Day we will be cutting back the Austar. We are going to that basic package with paying an extra five dollars for the SciFi channel per month as both Wes and Dave watch that. Amelia is already mourning Ceebeebies.

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