Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today we went to a workshop called Starting in your own Backyard that was run by our local Landcare . It was really interesting, hosted at a local reserve we went for a weed walk, talked about sustainability and native habitats. the guy from Primary Industries was a walking weed encyclopeadia and being able to actually see the weeds in real life is much better than a book!

i have been wanting to put native plants in my frontyard and now will do that sooner rather than later as one lady talked about how pockets of native vegetation make "stepping stones" for fauna to get to established habitats. Which makes sense but was something I had never thought about. When finishing the day they gave us all a small bag of compost and a wattle tree - isn't that great?

I also met one of the people who are trying to get a community garden off the ground. I gave my email address so i could be kept up to date on where they are at with it.

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