Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last weekend Dave and I plus another couple went to Toowoomba for my birthday weekend. My parents watched the kids and we left after work. Had a lush dinner at Warwick and got there at about 10.30 pm. Saturday was a great day and I was NOT very frugal at all but I have tried very hard to justify all of my purchases!!!!

I bought a pair of Summer shoes, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a few metres of material for my quilt (yes applique pics are coming but I have a son who keeps using my camera batteries in his XBox controllers!) and this is the exxy one - a $70 shirt. Its a really really nice shirt and I love it. However I know I didnt NEED it but I wanted it bad! I will definately wear it to death come Spring. It was not a frugal purchase but I love it.

Toowoomba is a really nice city and I am thinking of going back with the kids as I think its only a couple of hours to BrisVegas from there and you can catch the train in there too.

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