Saturday, August 27, 2011


After the past three days of absolute gorgeous weather today it is raining which lets me do whatever I like guilt free as I can weed in torrential downpours or do the washing - how marvellous! I have been doing a bit of mending and pottering about and its great. This week I finished my sister's toiletries bag, which has been ready to post for four days and I am definately going to do that Monday. Amelia also had book week parade on Friday where they had to come from another country, she went French! So that entailed me making a beret and hemming up a kercheif for that classic French look. It came together really well and she thought she looked pretty good tooo!And here is a bit of my applique-ing! I will end up with 25 20inch blocks for our bed. The applique bits are all things to do with our family, the kids initials, a book, a snowflake when we went to the snow, ditto for Tasmaina, a coffee pot etc. I want the quilt to be uniquely ours. I still have a couple of materials to pick out and about 8 appliques. I am loving it.

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