Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Gardening

Today (as I have said) we are having our first real rain of the month, twenty seven days into it! There have been some great successes and some failures.
On the failure side - or rather "learning experience" side we have the parsnips. The looked great, leafy with good looking tops, then I pulled a couple. They grew for about an inch then went all "rooty" for lack of a better description. I have left the others in there for another couple of weeks in the hopes of a miraculous recovery - i'm not hopefull.

Also the dwarf peas have failed to fill their pods. I am thinking that next year I will plant them in a different spot as the place they are in is very shaded. Its a learning curve. UPDATE! Today I found a few pods with peas. How long does it take for the pod to fill with peas?Happily there are lots of good stuff, onions and garlic are looking good, carrots, spinach and beetroots are giving a steady stream of yummies and the broccoli is ready to be picked. Still waiting on the purple carrots, rainbow beetroot and celery they should be good by mid September and the first cauliflower has been picked.
Time to start thinking Spring plantings. I am thinking of going for cherry tomatoes, grape and black russians. Potatoes ... maybe Desiree and Kipfler, last year the Atlantics didnt do too well at all. Going to have green and yellow zucchinis and planting the apple cucumbers again.Spring is full of possibilities, maybe even chooks if I keep working on Dave!

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  1. Wow your veggies look great, you are definatley doing it well!