Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to Blogging

After a small hiatus from blogging I am back to it! I am currently obsessed about applique and will have to show you some of the squares i have done form my king size quilt. Loving it bad!

Being winter the garden is slow but steady. My lettuce is growing well and my broccoli is close to picking. Still picking silverbeet, carrots and beetroot. My wheelbarrow pansies are flowering as is the camellia out the front - gorgeous hot pink flowers.

The last couple of weeks have flown and I have been busy though not feeling like I am getting anywhere! Running on the spot so to speak. I have had a birthday so will have to update the bit about me on the side. 37.

I got some great presents and loved everything I got. I will post pics tomorrow after I get home from seeing my mum on HER birthday. We are making a lush morning tea to take.

Until tomorrow-have fun!

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