Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spring is coming!

Surely. We have had two gorgeous days in a row, which has prompted me to do something that is probably going to end in tears. I planted capsicum, chilli and tomato seeds. I have them in a plastic greenhouse during the day and am moving them indoors at night. How hot is too hot in a greenhouse? I am not sure, anyone know? I only planted a few, just to see - but I am hoping really hard. I also went and got some shallots and lettuce. At coffee this morning we discussed seeds with the Eden seed catalogue between us, we are running out of space. We are now going to plant cucumbers in the front yard to climb the side fence and Mum suggested we plant the lettuce between the roses and that will work well as the front yard near the roses is substantially cooler than everywhere else in summer and may stop them running to seed.

Then I found this. Isn't is gorgeous? This is the flower of my Helleborus, which was the first plant I planted in the fairy garden. It is certainly worth the wait.

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