Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Stuff

Firstly for the garden green stuff ~ I found these bulbs near the fence, I have no idea what they are, I don't remember them from last year and I didn't plant them. So I have shifted them to a bit further up the back. I hope they continue to grow.

The garlic has sprung up and the four boxes all look like this. Like happy soldiers all straight and tall.

I just felt like planting something, so I filled this planter with some soil, a line of lime and planted some more dwarf peas. I just put the planter against the wire fence so the peas have somewhere to climb. Here is our cherry tree before pruning. I don't think it's every been pruned as the shape is a bit weird with the centre not very open. This is after we pruned it, we had to get it low enough to net and to pick the cherries. We tried our best.
Now on to other green stuff. We got our save power kit and it's a little bit exciting.
There is a power thingy that tells you how much power each appliance uses in kilowatts and $$$, it also tells you how much greenhouse gases your looking at too. There is a thermal thermometre, stopwatch, a compass and another thermometre to test that your fridge, freezer etc are at the correct tempretures. You get a worksheet too. Not too shabby. The "audit" will take a few days as things like the fridge need to be tested for 24hrs as they run in cycles, so you get a better idea over a full day.

I will report our findings here. I found out how much a kilowatt we actually get charged, 22.1c, I had no idea which is not particularly smart of me!


  1. I love the look of your Save Power Kit. Where did you get it? Also, your garlic is looking great (and those bulbs too - wonder what they are?).

  2. Hi Lani,
    The power save kit is from our local library, you just put your name on a list and hire it out like a book. I think our library has five sets.

    We are still testing everything, some things we've found are better than others.

    I love garlic and can't understand why more people don't grow it!