Sunday, July 3, 2011


You know when you find something out that you know you should of known but it just never had hit home? Umm did that make any sense at all? probably not!

Anyway, Dave and I went browsing on Saturday and we had a look at a toy sale one of the big chain stores are having, heaps of toys everywhere not even just in the toy department. I must have picked up 20 - 30 different toys and everyone was made in China. Every single one...all different brands and types. How does one country have such a monopoly? We are trying to buy more locally and even though I knew lots of toys are made in china I did think I would be able to find ONE that wasn't. But alas no, Dave was surprised that I was surprised, there were a lot of "designed in ....." on the packs followed by "made in China".

That's a bit depressing, that unless you search and search you can't buy a locally made (and I'm talking anywhere in the country) toy for your child.

Amelia was getting in the swing of things saying on top of her voice "is this one china?" while holding a toy in the air. Ha! Kids are sponges!

BTW this post is about how the option to buy locally has been taken away from us through companies choosing to manufacture overseas for economic reasons, not a stab at China for being the place where they are manufactured. It's kind of like how more and more food is produced overseas and options for local buying are growing smaller. Somethings just can't be bought locally anymore.

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