Sunday, July 4, 2010

Other News

I went to the markets today and picked a bit of fruit and veg. The first Sunday markets are the little ones so I will have to top up at the green grocers but its always nice to see the people who have grown your food.

Yesterday I went to the library (arent I frugal?) and got some books (surprise!) This is what I checked out:

  1. The New Hard Times Handbook
  2. Ready, Steady, Lunchbox
  3. Australian Gardens for a Changing Climate
  4. Crochet Inspiration
  5. 100 Mile Diet
  6. Aug/Sept 2009 Grass Roots

Hopefully they will all give me a bit of information on something I need to know!

Today I planted radish, carrots, long beetroots and a blue flower mix. I also transplanted some more lettuce seedling. I am hoping they will be more successfull now I have taken Dad's advice and put some plastic down to protect them from frost.

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