Sunday, July 11, 2010

Digging in the Dirt

Well we have finished the garden bed and it looks brilliant! We needed two loads of dirt to fill it and I put a stack of cow manure in it too (Mitre 10 had a split bags for only $3 each). I am so pleased with it and Dave is already talking about building another. He is now really into it but is trying to pretend he is restrained!I have planted onions (both red and brown), brussell sprouts and some cabbages. The cabbages have been transplanted from my other garden as they were a bit close. After taking this picture I put some mulch on it too. Having a think about what else to plant.Hilton's nursery was having a 20% off sale so I bought this Bay tree and pot. Apparently the tree will dwarf itself due to the pot size. This sounds right as Mitre 10 has had one growing in a pot for as long as we have been going there and its going okay. Between the seedlings and this I have spent nearly all of my pocket money for the fortnight!Dave finally put up the weather vane his Mum got us 3 years ago! We are only really using it for the rain gauge. Its meant to shower pretty much all this week.This is where I am going to try and grow some garlic. It is probably more shaded then they will like but in a book I read that they will still grow just a little more slowly. Since this was the spot I had for some seeds that didnt take off I thought I most well give them a go. This is where we are going to put an arch at the side of the house, its also where the pumkins are going to grow. I will have to make sure that they dont over take next doors!I found these while ahaving a poke around the side. They will definately have to stay.And Finally here is Wes with his braces. I had to beg for this photo! His teeth have never been so clean!

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