Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lazy Saturday

It's raining...again. Don't get me wrong I am loving it but I just wanted to do a little bit of gardening today. Not to worry tomorrow is another day plus I am back to working part-time this week (so far!). With no gardening on the agenda this morning, I have been lazy.

I woke up at 6am which was a bit rude, so I nicked out the back to check the rain gauge. Wearing thongs and party pussy with an umbrella - glamorous! I rechecked and emptied it at 9am and we had had 18mm. This follows on from the 6mm we had the other day.

I am rather enamoured with the rain gauge at the moment - new toy syndrome I think.

My snow peas are coming along rather well and I will be fixing up there climbing frame over the next couple of days. I want to make something out of what we already have or at least part of it so I will have to do some thinking in Dave's garage.

We went down town and bought the new Grass Roots mag, had a cuppa at the cafe and got the kids to pick out some dvds for the weekend. Then we went to the library and we all got some new books. At the cafe Dave and I shared a serve of raisin toast and it was HUGE! Even bigger than the one Mum ordered when she was up here!

We went back downtown at 3 for some bread (gluten flour STILL has not come and going to make bread tomorrow without it I am having withdrawals) and the river had come up with minor flooding. Apparently all our low level bridges will be cut off this evening. Nothing like a little flooding to bring a bit of excitement to an afternoon.

Lastly I cut some daffodils from the front garden to put in my bud vase. They look and smell lovely.

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