Sunday, July 11, 2010

Apples and Almonds

We went up to the Tree Tenders nursery yesterday and they had some bare rooted fruit trees. I have had it in my mind to get some trees and voila! there they were. We have got them to put aside a grafted apple tree - it has pink lady and jonathan, so we dont need to have two as it will self pollinate. We are also getting an almond tree that self pollinates too. Shirley, the nursery lady, was telling us that she believes people have lost their connection with food and with the land in general. She says gardening promotes our natural instincts. Put like she did you just have to agree!

What she said was timely too as on Friday at work, when I wasnt serving the great people of Inverell, the girls and I were discussing how these days a lot of people just put dinner together and dont actully do much cooking at all.

Went to the library yesterday and got -
  1. Grass Roots magazine
  2. Gardening Australia x 2
  3. Home fruit growing guide
  4. The Backyard Homestead
  5. Nourishing Traditions

Lots more reading! Have nearly finished Mums birthday present and halfway through Kates. Just got to keep at it.

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