Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Arrivals

On the weekend we picked up and planted our apple tree. The ground was very clayey so we added a stack of mulch and some home brand potting mix (it was the only one without fertiliser) to give it a bit of a go. The Hessian around it was suggested by Shirley for coddling moth, you burn the Hessian at the end of winter and hopefully any moth eggs with it.Mitre 10 was having a ticket sale and we had a 40% off ticket for anything under $50 so we got this dwarf peach tree. We have put it in this pot but are going to get a bigger one when we can afford it. It grows to about 2 m tall so will be a little taller than Dave.I also bought a punnet of broccoli for the new garden. I think I have an addiction to buying plants - I will need a heap of overtime to keep feeding this addiction!Another new arrival (or four). This is a curry plant that was reduced to $5. The pot was only $8. I think something like this would make a great house warming present without breaking the bank. Behind the curry plant is 3 strawberry plants we got from the markets on Sunday for 3 for $10. I thought that was pretty reasonable.
Finally here is Amelia modelling one of two cardigans Mum sent her. They are really warm and they are real wool. She loves them and so do I - if they were only 20 sizes bigger I would live in them!On another note I am finding some things really hard to source locally. But I will persist and see how I go. I have found meat and the closest baking flour is (so far) from Dementer Mill in Gunnedah - though they don't sell direct to the public so I think I will have to buy it from Armidale. Hmmmm something to think about.

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