Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Quilt?

Here is the pattern I think I am going to go for. I am hoping I can resize to fit a king size bed, the one in the picture is from Homemade mag and is only 137 cm square!

See how the darker triangles are attached to the lighter ones and make squares of dark and light? That's what I am going for.

So far my materials are -
Love this paisley - 1 m

This is actually a medium taupe-y colour - 1m

This is a pale green colour - 0.5 m

What do you think?


  1. So hard on the internet as the colours are not coming out as they should be.I would definitely get rid of the medium taupe colour one,just looks too wishy washy if you know what i mean.I think you need some deeper shades especially against the last two colours.But as I said it's hard not actually seeing them but thats my two cents worth anyway.Are you planning triangles for the whole quilt?Do you have a deep chocolate colour amongst your materials? I am finding this quite interesting.

  2. Should be easy enough to enlarge to the size you want, I also think you need a fabric that has a deeper colour as all the fabrics you are using are quite pale they need something darker to enhance them...Look forward to seeing it as you progress ...
    Sherrie From Simpleliving :)