Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lemony Goodness

I love lemony things! Lemon scented soap, lemon syrup cake, hot lemon drinks for sore throats and lemon butter.

I have a massive bag of lemons and lemonades from my sisters tree (Thanks Linda!) and I put 4 lemons to good use today and made lemon butter (or curd if you prefer). The recipe I used is fro Hazel Dene and you can get it here. I used Mum & Dad's eggs too!

Four jars!
I also have a massive pile of weeds to show for my day today and that IS immensly satisfying. I pulled so much chickweed! Too bad I can't sell it! I have Wednesday off this week and am planning on spending at least a couple of hours out in the chickweed patch.

Yesterday I made a pioneer outfit for Amelia, looks better than I had hoped, but more about that tomorrow as I get my pioneer girl to model for me!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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