Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making a Birthday Present

Today has been a productive day. I have a friends birthday coming up this week and I was able to get the majority of it squared away.

I made this eco bag -

My sister gave me the material and I got the pattern from Zaberry's blog, you can get it here.

See? It rolls up!

I also made her a coin purse and have a jar of homemade jam and a bar of homemade may chang soap to add. All going well I will finish her scarf tomorrow night and be able to pop it all in a recycled bag for Thursday!

And speaking of birthdays, mine was early this week and I want to share the fabulous mixing bowl my parents got me. I have been after a massive bowl for ages and all I could find topped out at a 4L max, but behold this baby which holds a whooping 7L!!!! And it red and pretty!

And I have to wrap an arm around it... Oh I love it!


  1. Hi Lisa happy belated birthday wishes :)
    I love the bag you made, that is a great idea with the button how you can roll it up. I make enviro bags that can be rolled up and secured with a velcro strap here is the link to show you,
    I have made them for most of my family and friends for gifts and have sold quite a few,they are so handy I use mine a lot, its always in my bag. And I love the big red bowl boy that will come in handy for so many things first when I saw it I thought I want one. Then I thought I have sometmes used my big crockpot insert. Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

    1. Thanks for the link Sherrie! I think I will be making a few of these for friends and a few for myself too! I love my bowl! Using the crockpot insert is a really good idea but mine is only a 3.5l. I am making carrot cake tonight with my bowl.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope you had a lovely day. That is a fantastic bowl too, never under estimate the value of an awesomely big kitchen bowl :-)