Monday, August 20, 2012

Pioneer Girl

Amelia's class went to the Pioneer Village today. They panned for sapphires, went to the blacksmiths shop and had damper with honey for morning tea. They went to pioneer school and the church. They played running games and had an all round fun time. 10/10 was the verdict!

They needed to wear pioneer clothes, so last weekend we made this;

The skirt material was donated by my sister (Thanks again Linda!) which was also the material on her head kerchiefy thing. The lace and wide ribbon I bought and the white shirt was from the legacy shop and that was a dollar I think.

I cut the blouse down as it was a womens size small. I added lace down the front and on the cuffs. I think she looks really good and she was loving it.

She is fast asleep now- being a pioneer must be very tiring!

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