Monday, July 16, 2012

Soft Soap

I did a batch of soap up yesterday afternoon and I used a higher than usual vegetable oil content, as I was just using up the odds and ends of what I had.

It took at least 4 times as long to get to trace and when I turned it out tonight it was softer than usual. I am just going to leave it a few weeks more than normal, it smells and looks cute. I am going to have to put in an order for more smells, they all sound so great that if you don;t check yourself you could go waaay over budget!

In other news today for $2.50 I got a linen tea towel, a book and this fab linen table cloth from Vinnies! It shows all the sights of the Gold Coast but not one theme park!

It depicts a more quaint Gold Coast with people having dinner being labelled "night life" and highlights being walking on the beach and fishing,  a little 60's snapshot!


  1. Are you going to use it as a table cloth or turn it into clothing? Would look fab as a skirt...

  2. I was tempted to use it but our table is just too big. So I am thinking. A skirt would be great, though it would be a push material with my butt to cover! Ha!! I have also thought a bag or cushions. There are so many creative people out there that I can snitch an idea from!