Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yeah it is confirmed that I am addicted to the cushions as you can see here;

and here.

I picked up some retro material at a garage sale for the back of this one for $1.50, there was about a metre and a half in the piece. Do you love it or hate it?

The part I really love is the cutting out and sewing together. I think I maybe ready to do my quilt, my king size bed quilt. I have the material but have got to find the pattern that is just right. I want it to be browns, greens and aquas. Choc Minty!
Took the kids to see Brave today. I am not surprised so many people just wait till the DVD is out now, going to the movies is a financial commitment! Luckily my two kids have Movie Membership so they were $8 a pop but my ticket was $14.50 to see a kids movie! Then a small combo, sml popcorn and can of drink was $7.50 each - Total to see movie (an hour and 20 mins long) was about $46. Kids thought it was good but I think charging an adult to see a kids movie,when they are clearly chaperoning is wrong! Rant over.

I am off to make soap!


  1. I like them! Are the covers removable? I have some retro flowery curtains that I want to dye and turn into covers, but I am not very good with needle and thread and don't know how best to fasten them.

    I found a souvenir 'Gold Coast' oven glove in a charity shop today and I thought of your tea towels!

  2. Yes the covers are removable, I just did the backs with hemmed overlapping material - very basic. Give it a try, they are pretty easy with only straight stitching required. (Thank goodness!)

  3. Love them! Especially the retro garage sale one. How awesome is that print.