Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holiday Snaps

Back from our short break and wish we could turn around and go back!Dave at Putt Putt golf, this was really fun and took waaayyy longer than I had thought. We bought 3 games and had to go back to do the third.
These pics are all from Dreamworld. Which all of us, adults and kids, thought was heaps better than Movie World.
Amelia escaping!
Dave breaking out
Wes is a wanted man!
Me and Amelia on the vintage cars, Amelia is driving.
The Claw
I could not watch after taking this photo!
Wes and Amelia on the Madagascar ride
Gingerbread Man Glider
Ick! Not one for me.
Wes sporting his new sunglasses.
Dave helping the lifesaver out at White Water World.
It was such a fantastic four days and a well needed break away from the norm.


  1. Great photos, looks like a lovely holiday!

    We coulda come down for a catch up!

  2. I know! But we will be up again in the not to distant future I am sure!