Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making Cards

One of my things to do this year was to NOT buy any cards, and I have been pretty good doing that only breaking twice. Both times were new bub cards that I just didn't have any idea how to make (or truthfully had had the foresight to get them ready before I needed them), so I went to the markets and bought handmade cards from the lady that had created them. I thought it a good compromise.

First two tries, I added the Happy Birthday stamp afterwards.
I was chatting to my Mum and we thought we should give card making a go and as I like nothing better than jumping into a new craft with no idea, we took ourselves down town to buy some relatively cheap supplies.

The newest attempt
What you see here are my first tentative cards, the hardest part is I really have no creative bone in my body. I am not the person who throws a scarf around their neck and are instantly glamorous. Who knows what a colour palate is? I am usually at a loss! Ahhh but I am going to have a go and I more than suspect a lot of fun trying!


  1. Hi Lisa, your cards look great..I also try most of the time to make my own cards too...I love giving home made things to family and friends..its like giving apart of yourself which I really love...makes them more special in my opinion....
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

    1. Thanks Sherrie, I think you are right and homemade is more special. I have just started a crochet blanket that I am hoping will end up being my first completed Chrissy 2012 gift, one of many I am hoping!