Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Weekend

What a lovely weekend! A lot of sunshine, little bit of rain and a good lot of gardening.
Right in the middle of this picture is one of our escaped guinea pigs. They are living under the garage and, so we found out today, in the mower shed. Must be retiring there after dark. If we want to catch them we are really looking at getting a possum trap. I have started calling them Thelma and Louise.
Got an asparagus crown today and the run down from Shirley the garden guru from the nursery. The green will die down over winter and come back with spears about mid August. I have never had just cut asparagus but everyone assures me that it is soo much nicer than anything in the shops.
Red onions, lettuce and silverbeet in!
Red onions
Beetroot seedlings look a little down on their luck but should perk up in the next day or so.
First lot of broccoli is in and I am not even going to mention the first white cabbage moth I saw today.
Our house is coming along, I am still loving the colours we picked (lucky!) the only downer is that it rained just enough yesterday to put a halt to any more than a couple of hours of painting, I am sure the painters were even more disappointed then us!

I got the River Cottage Bread book out from the library yesterday and it is jam packed full of bready fabulousness! Dave made Roti at lunch time and it was super quick and tasty. The first couple were a bit crispy as they were cooked a tad long but he got it in the end!
What a Whiz!


  1. Hi Lisa.... It's Sam here..... you must let me know on what you thought of your asparagus!!!!..... I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying looking at all you get up to.... a very busy girl indeed!!!

    1. Sam your sister by the way lol

  2. Hi! How are you? Got a sourdough starter on the bench at the moment too! What hobbies are u doing?

  3. Hi Lisa... I am guilty of not having any hobbies really, altho I hope that will change when I find a nice quiet little country town and practice to work in. You seem to be quite the pickle and jam maker!!!....The only thing I am growing at the moment is Roma tomatoes and parsley, but it's a start in the right direction lol.

    1. Sadly Tomato season is over for us now with the first light frost coming a couple of days ago. We grew a couple of varieties this year but it was a battle against the fruit fly!

  4. Last year we tried our hands at cherry and did so well that this year I have planted roma ones.... Goes to show how much I know about planting tomatoes because if your season has finished, what the heck am i doing just starting.... maybe different climate I guess