Sunday, September 18, 2011

We got worms!

Not the nasty ones! We finally got our composting worms happening now that the frosts are gone (crossing fingers). We don't have a worm blanket so we are using dampened newspapers. Bit exciting.We had to move it a little further back so that the sun is fully off it by 10 am. Thats at the moment, so I will keep an eye on it as summer comes on, dont want fried worms. This iris is in the fairy garden, it is so beautiful. Happily the weeds you can see in the photo are now gone!

Primulas - Dave's favourite
Strawberries are flowerring - go go go!


  1. Yes being black I would imagine the worm farm could get quite hot. In summer it may need to be fully shaded. I often seem them under trees. I have considered getting one too however with the chickens they take all the food scraps.

  2. Its something I am keeping an eye on, our summer here gets to about 37 on a real hot day, though its winter which will be a worry to with minus 7. I think I will move them to the garage if the weather gets too extreme.