Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday we headed off to Ashford for a picnic with Mum, Dad, Uncle Ronnie and Megan. We went out to MacIntyre falls again, though this time somewhere must of had some rain as the water was really muddy.

The wattle was out everywhere and it was looking really lovely.

We stopped at Lemon Tree Flat on the way home and the kangaroos were having afternoon tea!

A couple of them had joeys in their pouches. I was hoping that one would poke its head out but it was not to be.

I took these pictures of Mum and Dad's garden while we were waiting for them to get back. They turned the wrong way at a T junction and after a while when they hadnt seen our dust they went all the way back to see if we'd had any trouble. Lucky for us (unlucky for them) we had turned the right way. The turned up about 45 mins after us. For the record apparently Dad was going to turn the correct way and got shouted down! :)

Us relaxing on the verandah. It was a lovely day had by all!

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