Sunday, September 4, 2011


Guess what I picked and pickled today???? Not hard to guess beetroot is it? Ha! Ha!
I got these jars out of it and I used a different pickling mix than I did last time, this one has cinnamon in it and all spice - I left out the cloves as I'm not that keen on them. This is a bit sweeter than the usual.

I also harvested all the broccoli and some of the cauliflower. I blanched the lot and now can't buy any more freezer stuff unless I turn on the big freezer and I don't want to do that as we haven't had the seals redone on it yet and the frosting up drives me nuts! We also picked some carrots both orange and purple, though I couldn't use some of the purple ones as they were affected in the same way as the parsnips. I only have a few more things to pull from that garden and once they are out I will give it a good build up and deal with the too much nitrogen issue.

We also picked peas, spinach and celery! It was pretty fun. Wes helped me do some weeding and Amelia planted her sunflowers. I could have had a sleep in that warm afternoon sun. It was a struggle not to just lay down and snooze!


  1. Im am so going to get you my fave preserving book! You will love it.