Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Yesterday was Wesley's 14th birthday - yep 14! I told him I am too young to have a fourteen year old but he assured me I was wrong - gee thanks Wes! Its really hard to get pictures of Wes as he is camera shy. He had a great day and got gifts that he loves.

The other news is Amelia passed her grading and is now the proud wearer of a yellow belt!
Couldn't resist a few bargains in Target today, got Wes 2 t-shirts for $2.70 each, a 2 pack of baby jumpsuits for $3.88 and 2 toiletry packs for $2.48 each of which one will be Amelia's teachers Xmas gift.

Speaking of teachers, here in NSW we are having a teachers strike tomorrow. Wesley's high school is closed and only about a third of the teachers at Amelia's are working, unfortunately one of them isn't Amelia's. Its a massive inconvenience and makes it VERY hard to feel sympathy for the teachers.

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