Monday, June 14, 2010

Seed Bonanza!

Well Dave and I finally started cleaning out the garage, there was a heap of crap but there was also a couple of good finds. I found some curtain rings, a bunch of new rags for cleaning and a tin of old seeds.Some of these seeds, actually all of them, are old. Really old. Some have their best before date in 1996! However, in the spirit of frugality I have put some in the seed raising mix I had and am giving them a go. You never know and all its costing me is a bit of time. The seeds must of come from the people before the ones we bought the house from. In the tin there are also seeds they have obviously saved themselves which is really nice.Also to keep you up to date on the ginger beer plant - here it is on day 7. Tomorrow I will make the mix up and but it into bottle and let it ferment for another couple of days then into the fridge it will go. Should make 5 - 6 bottles I am guessing.

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