Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today was one of those great days where I got heaps of those little jobs done. I tidied the spare room, which is now sporting a new doona cover, of the wool I had all over it. I really like the green and white, I think it looks fresh. I went to the markets this morning and managed to get all my fruit and vegies there AND found out where it all came from. The oranges were the furthest from home, they came from Narromine. Its great know where it comes from, the potatoes I got for 80c a kg and they came out of the ground yesterday. I also picked up an apple custard for the kids to try 'cause I dont think theyve ever had one! I started the ginger beer plant today - or rather my very first step, leaving 300ml of tap water to stand for 24 hours, I will take pictures to show you the updates. By the way it does actually have a fine cotton cloth over it to keep out any icky things.Out in the garden I finally put up my moths. It is going on the principle of "oh this one is already taken I might fly away somewhere else and plant my caterpillers there". I am hoping it works. If not the worst thing is that they look really cute!
I also collected some of the fallen leaves and put them as mulch on the fairy garden and some around the roses out the front. I really love the falling leaves 'cause it gives the seasons distinction. Now for a couple of gardening questions -
1. When should seedlings be transplanted? How big should they be? and should I thin these ones out now????
These are a mixture of broccoli, cabbage and pansy, I just dont know how long to wait to transplant.
These are lettuce and spring onion.
2. I planted a stack of primulas a while ago and they have all grown fabulously as you can see, lovely and healthy, but they havent flowered yet. Is that becasue they are under shadecloth??
Finally, here is a pic of the kids having afternoon tea on Thursday. Dave and I have made a no screen until 6.30pm rule. Thats for all of us, parents included. So far so good, without the tv or xbox its much easier to get the kids to do homework and to have a chat with them. I am really liking it!

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