Sunday, May 16, 2010

We all need to Aspire to something!

This weekend we went to Gunnedah and Dubbo. While in Gunnedah at Mum and Dads I took some pictures of the garden. I would love this garden!!! If I had had more battery left on the camera I would have taken some of the fairy garden and the front garden too. I will next time!!!!

Here is the passionfruit vine, its absolutely loaded with them. I think I might have to give one a go!

Lemon tree, I brought some lemons home with me too.

Vegetable gardens. The frame is up for tomatoes come the summer. Dad's getting it all ready - Isn't he clever!

And this is Dad's green thumb!!! :)

Mum also gave me a stack of plants from her garden. I am planting them tomorrow afternoon as I had knitting group today and got home too late. Being a good Mum she also gave me the world's most gorgeous quilt she had made, curtains for my lounge room and onion bags for my Christmas hampers! I also got a jar of Dad's 3 Fruit marmalade which I will taste.

I spotted a spool holder while at Mum's and have told Dad I want one, so I am hopeful he will take the hint - ok not a hint :0)

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