Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Curtains and Beetroot!

On the weekend we drove over to Fantastic Furniture to pick up a queen bed and mattress for our spare room. It looks pretty good! And its comfortable! I know Mum and Dad will appreciate it when they come up in a few weeks.

I also put up the curtains Mum made us. It is so good to be able to open the lounge room curtains without feeling like your on display to the whole world. We got a heap of rods from a garage sale for $2 the lot and there was one in there that was perfect.

And I also (finally) made Amelia's Princess curtains. It took me ages because I wanted it to be good so I measured and ironed and pinned almost fanatically but they do look good. A couple of the seams arent as straight as they could be but only I will notice that and they make her room heaps warmer. The other big job was to pickle our beetroot. There were a few that never seemed to grow properly even though they had lovely big leaves, so I discarded those and they also didnt seem to get as big as I had hoped so that is something to think about for next year. This is what we pulled from the vegie patch;
Once the tops came off and all the dirt it worked out to be about 1.5 kgs. So then it was time to pickle them! I used an apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, salt and pepper mix. I popped them into the Vacola - Its a spunky orange with a bright yellow lid! I did hear the lids pop and they have that look. I think they look great. They made two large bottles.

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