Friday, March 16, 2012

Pimping the Deck

I really love bunting, I have made some for Amelia and some for little bubs but I really wanted some just for myself. Grown up bunting!
We put up the new laserlite over the back deck (can check that off this years to do list) so we will be using it more and more since we can now use it in all weather. And I grabbed the opportunity to do some bunting for the deck (that means me!)
Its pretty much made of scraps. I can see a bunch of things I have made in it, Kelly & Lukes aprons, Megans penny purse and Wesley's school apron. I kept it to a red, black and white theme to make it a bit more adult-y and have tacked it up so I can get it down to wash it when needed.
The laserlite makes a big difference, it reduces heat and cuts out nearly all the UV so thats huge for us and makes the deck that much enjoyable.

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