Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's All in the Name

Tonight I have made Pastitsio for dinner and will have a salad with it. Doesn't it sound lovely? You know what it really is? Beef Macaroni Bake! Sounds posh enough to be served at Aria!
I love my cookbooks, actually I love most cookbooks whether I have bought them or not, however there are a couple that just rub me the wrong way. The worst offenders are chefs/cooks who just keep bringing out book after book with nothing really new in them. Or the ones that fill the books with ingrediants so hard to find and/or expensive that most average joes can't afford them. Who wants to spend $50+ on one meal???

I am not a fan of Donna Hay cookbooks. Yes the recipes look gorgeous but that is just styling and its done exceedingly well. The recipes in general just don't appeal, though I know heaps of home cooks who love her books - aspirational maybe but certainly not inspirational, at least to me.

I also don't understand the Nigella love. Other than being excellent at using adjectives I don't feel that she is that good. Maybe that is it, folks can see themselves making her stuff. Hmmm still not feeling the love.

There are heaps that I love though like Bill Granger, Jamie Olivers early books and AWW (Australian Womens Weekly) books! Alot of my books are theme based rather than author based if you know what I mean? I found at least two books today that I would love, one is recipes for a High Tea/Morning Tea and the other is a great book with every Indian recipe you could ever want in it. They might just have to go on the Mothers Day list!
What cookbooks do you love?

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