Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Who knew that picking out paint colours would be so involved? We have our painters quote which thanks to our builder was heaps better than we had even hoped. Now its picking paint time.

We got a tester pot of "Confetti Shower" but twice as deep as the original and tried that but it was too light (thats the colour that looks light blue but its not). Went back this morning and got the colour done at 4 times as deep as the original and I think this is what we will go with (thats the main colour you can see). The thinking is that we will have white trims and eaves and charcoal gutters and balastrades. I think.

You can see the current house colour on the window. Yes someone did think the pinky/purple trim was a good look and no I cant believe it either.
Here is the finished bench. Dave has done three coats so it is all good to make our yard look pretty.


  1. Oh my god I love that bench seat!!! That's one of my fave colors! Will look gorgeous in the yard! Nice job Dave!

  2. I love it too! Plus it was a mad special. Reduced from a $100 to $25!