Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upcycled Paint Shirt

Last paint shirt that Amelia had I made out of a secondhand table cloth, you can see that here. Now that one doesn't fit and I am not buying, the other problem is I have purged nearly all of our wardrobes of old shirts that don't fit or are now dust rags.

I did find one t-shirt of Wesley's that doesn't fit anymore. So in one of the easiest paint shirts ever I made this:-Yes it's the Tardis on the front! We are all Dr Who fans here even Amelia (actually especially Amelia since his newest companion is named..yep you guessed it Amelia!)
All I did is cut up the back in the middle seam the openings and then added a strip of velcro to the top for fastening. Easy as and she will definately know which paint shirt is hers!

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