Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Buy New Check In

So it's been just over a week of buying nada new for February and I have done really well. I haven't bought anything new at all (not even sneaking in anything in the grocery trolley!) and I have only bought one thing secondhand. That was a girls sewing pattern in the Legacy Op Shop for the princely sum of 50c. I have to say my bank balance is loving it!

I sadly have had the school fees slowly rolling in, $75 for fees for the second grader and Wesley's Food Tech fees of $68. The rest of Wes's will trickle in over the next few weeks. I don't begrudge the school fees but please don't try to tell me public education is free, cause it's not.

One bummer for this week was my electricity bill, I desparately wanted it to be under $400 but it was tantalisingly close. The GST put me over by $16!!!! How rude is that?

Happily the kids are happy back at school and Dave and I are trying to be happy at work. I got a lunchbox cookbook out from the library this week to look at some more options. Lunchboxes are the hardest things to pack as the schools have lunchbox expectations!!! Ah for the old days when a sandwich, piece of fruit and a couple of biscuits were ok! What did you have in your lunchboxes?

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