Sunday, February 5, 2012

To Do List Done!

I am so happy that the three things I really wanted to get done this weekend are done and dusted! I even sneaked in another little thing I have been wanting to get to!Here is my Worcestershire sauce. It made about 2 litres which equates to 10 bottles of normal sized bottles of the sauce. Some of my bottles are bigger so I got 7 bottles of it but that should do us about 12 months as I am the only big user with the rest being added to slow cooker recipes etc.
Wesley's apron is done. He would only model it if I "cut off his head" - Nice mother to agree, aren't I? I like it as his will certainly be one of a kind in Food Tech.
Zucchini and Corn fritters made by Amelia with me helping. Dave loves them, Amelia not so much. Sh is not a fan of zucchini and I thought this might bring her around but alas it was not to be. At least we had fun making them and Dave and Wes will love them in their lunches.
Finally here is a bunny I have made for my nephew Evan's first Easter. He will only be shy of 6 months old then so choccy stuff is definately out. I got the pattern from here - , there is also a version with arms and legs but I thought this was okay. I am making a pink version for my niece as well, it was quick and fun to make.
Of course I have had the other jobs to do too, you know the crappy ones, washing, ironing, cleaning - but doing what I want in between that makes it ok - don't you think? Did you get all your weekend jobs done?


  1. Weekend jobs not all done! It's a few minutes off 1am and it's time to go to bed to be functionable for work tomorrow :-( So I will have to cram all my jobs tomorrow night and the next night on top of my already full TO DO LIST!

    I'm a amazed at your productive weekend.

  2. I don't see 1 am any more unless I am really under the pump to get stuff done! I hope you managed to get all your stuff done, but really you never do, there is always something else to be added to the list isn't there???

  3. Oh wow, I just made that same bunny with my 12 yr old daughter just last week. So cute, fun and simple. It was her first major sewing project. I plan on making the ones with arms and legs for Easter pressies sometime soon. Hope your nephew like it, I'm sure he will!
    Looks like you've been very productive, it's always nice to get a few things crossed off your to do list!

  4. I was planning to do a couple with the arms and legs too! I am helping my daughter make a sandwich wrap this weekend, its a fairly easy thing to sew and should be fun!