Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Sewing

This lovely cushion was made by Amelia with me helping. We had to use whatever material was on hand due to me not buying anythng new, the pattern came from here and it was fun to make and comes in three different sizes - we made the largest one.
It was all made on Amelia's sewing machine too which she is very proud of! I did the cutting but we both did the pinning, sewing and Amelia did just about all the stuffing. She has it on her bed and it looks cute!
She has now made a few things on here machine - 2 bags, sandwich wrap and now a cushion!
Now confession time. I have bought something new, I bought a nude food lunch box for Amelia as her lunchbox wont fit all the containers, it cost $3.50. I am ok with it. Dave has not joined in though I have to say he is not a big buyer and we managed to save quite a bit of money this month. I am keeping track so it will be interesting to see how much it is by the 29th.


  1. The cushion is lovely. I am hoping to start using my sewing machine a little more, esp. as I hav emoved into a new home (albeit rented), it still needs some homely touches.

    1. It is so great to learn the skills so you can do that! Rented or not it is still your home so its nice to make it yours.