Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Strawberry Picking

In Friday's local paper there was an ad inviting people to come and pick their own strawberries this morning for $6 a kg. Yep only $6 a kilo! Well we went out this morning (minus Wes who had important teenage boy stuff to do) and it was really fun!Strawberries everywhere! Yum!

Amelia was picking, she restrained herself - we all did - and didn't have any taste tests!
Dave started loading up his shirt at one stage!
The smell is so gorgeous - really strong.
We ended up with 2.8kg of strawberries. You bring your own containers and they weigh them empty so that you don't pay for their weight. Not that they care too much as she only charged us for 2.5kg.
Thinking strawberry shortcake or strawberry muffins or strawberry milkshakes/smoothies or pavlova or any yummy strawberry thing. We will head out next Sunday and get another lot as I will make a batch of jam with them!

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