Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Chrissy Presents!

Yes more aprons - that is the theme this year! I will add jars of jams, jellies and relishes to go with as well! I can only post the pressies of the people I know don't read this blog!This one is for a workmate and she will love it. She loves homemade stuff - which is very lucky for me!
The one above is for a guy. I found the proper straps at the sewing shop and the ties wrap around the body like a chefs apron.
This one is cute! Amelia slyly hinted that this one could be hers!
So I have had a busy week with sewing and sick children. I loathe high tempretures for no reason!


  1. they look fantastic! Nothing nicer than a handmade apron and the jam would be a lovely bonus.

  2. Thanks! I am having fun just picking the bits to go with them. I feel so chrismassy already, even bought Michael Buble Xmas CD!

  3. They are all really cuit lis, noice noice!

  4. I LOVE the red one. It's fabulous!!!