Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mad Millie Mozzarella

This is my SECOND attempt at making mozzarella cheese. This first one was a complete disaster, though I do know why and it was completely my double boilers fault! I don't have a proper double boiler so I just stuck two pots together and unfortueately the pot slipped insided the other and brought the bottom of the top pot in contact to the water. Oops!!!Today was MUCH more successful. But there is room for more tweaking. The unhomogenised milk tastes awesome, and as a treat I would suggest everyone to buy it just to taste it! It is pricey though.
Here is my Mad Millie weapons of mass cheese constructions!
Cutting the curd. It went really well, though I think next time I will leave it another 15 mins or so to firm up.
Here is my curds draining. I got a bit too swish happy with my spoon and my slotted spoon was a bit small so the curds separated by falling off the spoon. But its all good.
My hot and cold salted water waiting to go!
My very unglam mozzarella ball.
But it taste's yum!
Also a happy welcome to the world to Evan Patrick!


  1. I have made mozzarella before and it was so much better tasting then the bought stuff. I also made pizza that night with mine to:0)

  2. Debbie you can't go past pizza! You are right that it tastes so much better than the bought stuff too.