Monday, November 7, 2011

Done and Finally Done!

I have finished off one of my Xmas presents. It is the blue and green half apron.
Wes kindly modelled for me as long as I didn't put his face on here in the apron! Ha! I am sure he will happily be modelling on Tuesday afternoon when his braces come off!
And here is the fruit and vege bags that I was going to make...oh about a YEAR ago! I have had the mesh since then patiently waiting for me in the cupboard. They are really light - 4 to 9 grams depending on the size and much stronger than the plastic bags provided in the stores. Looking forward to using them this week!


  1. Your apron looks good and I will have to make some of those bags for my fruit too .....A good idea.

  2. I very happily used them on Thursday night when I did the shop and they held quite a bit of produce too.