Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching Up

I had today off work and whilst I really really wanted to have a complete lazy day I just had to catch up on a few things.

I got up early to get the wash done and dry as early as I could as we have been having afternoon storms, yesterday we even had a fairly awesome hailstorm that somehow didn't penetrate our back yard or specifically the newly planted tomato plants! Lucky! So four loads later that was done - phew!

I needed to hem up pants for a work mate, the new uniform arrived and her pants were 10cm too long! Yep she is on the short side but they are a really long pant. I even had to take mine up a couple of cm's and I am 5ft 8in. So I did hers and mine at the same time and that was another job done.

Amelia's school summer uniforms needed to be taken down as she has grown over the winter and she will be back in the uniforms after the school holidays that start on Saturday. I had planned to do this last Sunday but that didnt happen....that was the story of my Sunday.

The afternoon was rounded off by a lovely dentist visit, but my dentist is a lovely lovely man and is personable and doesn't overcharge.

Other than the dentist trip, all the other stuff I had slotted to get done on Sunday but as usual life intervened. Wes need help rolling out some icing for a home ec assessment that was due Monday, he also had a science experiment due, Amelia had a friend over to play and Dave has started a course where my role as proof reader is encroaching on my sewing time!

I am looking to have a sewing Sunday this weekend, Dave's bday is Saturday so we will be picnicing out at the outdoor archery range as he is getting a bow. Its in a pretty spot, hopefully the weather will be kind.

What do you need to catch up on?

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