Saturday, September 8, 2012


What a couple of weeks! They have really flown by, I can not believe we are into the second week of September already.... its crazy!

It was Wesley's 15th birthday this week and tonight he is having some friends staying over. They are making homemade pizzas for dinner and playing video games etc. The dining/family room has been turned into a boy cave for the night!!

Last Sunday was Father's Day and we had a nice relaxing day. I cooked breakfast for Dave and my Dad, went to the local markets and then came home and weeded and weeded and weeded.

Wes made this chocolate malteser cake for Fathers Day
At work this week it has been the story of lots of customers and not enough staff, so it has meant being constantly on the go dealing with one thing or another. I have been doing dinner, reading and going to bed early. It has been tiring.

I have had a chance to make up some newspaper seed pots, I saw these in Urban Homestead book (I think).

And I made the potato cage thingy that was shown on last weeks Gardening Australia.

And this morning when I had a wander in the garden the dwarf peach tree had its first blossom! I was rather excited. Not as excited as I was when I spied the first asparagus spear popping its head up this week! Wont be eating any for a couple of years but exciting none the less!

like most NSW folks I voted this morning in our local council elections. There are 3 or 4 new people running this time and I am really hoping they get in, so the council has a new injection of life and hopefully fresh ideas in it!!

How was your week? Busy?


  1. I saw that ep of Aus gardening - she used her space well!Great idea with the 'taties