Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday Archery

Yesterday was Dave's 36th birthday. I'm telling him he has turned thirty sexy!! He is only somewhat amused. Funny that.  Anyhoo, we went down and bought his recurve bow that we had put away and half a dozen arrows. He is loving his bow who I have named Shirley (and yes there is a bit of a convoluted reason for it).

For the love of Shirley
We went out to the outdoor archery range for a picnic and so Dave could shoot Shirley.Sounds a little mafia but it is really lovely out there. It is about 5 kms out of  town and quiet, quiet enough to hear the birds. A guy who is in the archery club and knew Dave was getting Shirls came out and took both Dave and Wes around the course.

Wes shooting with his compound bow
They both had a good time even though they both lost an arrow and broke one each! You would think that with neon fletches on the end of the arrows it wouldn't be to hard to find but they both stayed lost.

Targets are wool bales filled with a bunch of different stuff
Amelia and I stayed at the picnic area and collected leaves, took pictures of  interesting things we found and went for a stroll. We couldn't walk too far as we were both wearing thongs and the snakes are already out and about.

Sorting leaves into colours

We will definately be going out again, it was a really nice few hours and it was really fun for Dave to get to shoot on his birthday.

How was your weekend?

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