Monday, June 11, 2012


This is something that I have been meaning to do for a while but hadn't until this week. I read about stockpiling originally on the Down to Earth blog and have seen it mentioned on a lot of different websites and blogs since then, it just seems so sensible and would definately put a stop to any supermarket dashes before dinner.

I cleaned out three shelves in my laundry cupboard and have just started filling them up. Still have a heap to put in but took a pic anyway to give you the idea of what mine is going to look like.

This should really help so I don't run out of anything, isn't it frustrating when you want cook something and one irreplaceable ingrediant is missing? Irritating, especially since it is your own fault you don't have it. So I am going to spend a little each shopping day on my stockpile.

Incidentally, I have about $15 of free money to spend next shopping day. I have $10 to redeem on my Flybuys and I did a Coles survey and printed off a $5 thank you voucher (though you do have to spend over $100 to use, but not a problem for us), you can actually do the survey once a month, printing off a voucher each time. $60 of free groceries over a year, thats not too bad. I am earmarking the $15 for my stockpile.

I also made a lovely frugal frittata for lunch today. Total cost was $2.90 so it was 73c a serve, not bad at all and it tasted really nice. I got the inspiration from here, though I changed it to suite what I had!

How was your long weekend?

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