Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello Winter!

Wow, the second day into winter and it is certainly letting it be known it is well and truely here...Brrrrrr!

I can tell it is winter because......

 The cherry trees leaves are all gone - but do make a colourful spot in the the yard!

 Asparagus is dying off, as is the basil living near it.

 The garlic is already up and about! My little green soldiers.

 Broccoli is getting hammered by caterpillers. But I am now winning since I am doing a pick and squash daily.

 Our house painting still hasn't been finished. I am sure it will be done in another month.....or so!

 Now this has nothing to do with winter but I scabbed this from Mum and Dad when they were going to throw it out. I am going to fix the broken bit, paint it and hang it on my fence. I really love it!

How can you tell it is winter/summer at your place??


  1. The persimmon tree is bare, the fig tree almost bare. You must be in a colder spot in NSW than me because my asparagus is still all lush (and I am waiting impatiently for it to be dormant so I can move it).

    1. Lani, I am in Inverell, so we have already had a few big frosts. Many many more to come!! I would love a fig tree but I worry that our winters would be too harsh. BTW I love all your outdoor storage.

  2. I haven't heard anyone say they scabbed something for ages :-)
    Winter here the last few days as well.